Critical Care Conference archive photos of hands on workshops.

The Canadian Critical Care Conference is pleased to offer an amazing opportunity to participate in distinctive, clinically relevant workshops. You are welcome to register for 1 or more of them.

ECMO Workshop

Date/Time: Tuesday Feb 24th, 2015 09:00-16:00
Price: $500 Includes lunch
Instructor: Laurance Lequier and Hussein Kanji
Pax: 40 participants
Core Topics:

  - Introduction to ECMO in critical care
  -  ECMO for ARDS
  - Management of ECMO patient and circuit
11:30-12:15 Lunch
Small hands on workshops:
  - Introduction and Demonstration of ECMO circuit and equipment 
  - Cannulation, Initiation and  Circuit Procedures
  - Simulation scenarios 
15:15-16:00 presentation of clinical cases, & question and answer session

Limited registration.  
** Must pre-register**

Medicine on the Mountain

Date/Time: Friday Feb 27th 2015 10:15-17:00
Price: $200.00 includes ski pass and reception
Instructor: Pierre Noel, Greg Haljan
Pax: 40 participants
Core Topics:

Learn as you ski. An amazing opportunity to ski with the experts as you explore high altitude mountain medicine as it relates to critical care - avalanche rescue, hypothermia, transport, telemedicine. You will learn what to pack and even participate in a rescue on the mountain.

10:00-10:30 Altitude medicine- Updates and controversies Dr Pierre Noel

10:30-11:00 High Altitude Pulm Edema & High Altitude Cerebral Edema - Ultrasound assessment of these

11:00-11:30 Accidental Hypothermia Dr Doug Brown

11:30-12:00 Telemedicine and Mountain Rescue - Trauma care in the Remote locations

12:12:30 Lunch and get dressed

12:30-15:30 Putting it all together on the snow. Extremely Canadian ski school practical session on safe travel in extreme (not that extreme!) locations (lots of fun, not scary and builds confidence).

1600-1630 Hot Chocolate /Coffee Learn what to pack for the Mountain in Exhibit area.

Limited registration.  
** Must pre-register**



Workshops were great as the groups were so small and we all got time to practice on the simulator as well as a variety of live models. Even though I use ultrasound every day I learned that I still have lots to learn.
Workshop instructors taught all levels. Although I am inexperienced, they never made me feel inadequate. I will definitely attend again next year.