Critical Care Conference archive photos of hands on workshops.

The Canadian Critical Care Conference is pleased to offer an amazing opportunity to participate in distinctive, clinically relevant workshops. You are welcome to register for 1 or more of them.
Bedside FOCUS echo in the unstable or hypoxic patient
This course is critical to dealing with patients in emergent and urgent clinical setting. It will concentrate on basic image acquisition that is helpful in diagnosing and treating the hypoxic and hemodynamically unstable patient.
Images include lung, cardiac, and abdominal sites to assist clinicians managing these patients.
Course is 2 hrs.  Limited registration to maximize hands on experience for the participants on simulators and models.
** Must pre-register**
Introduction to TEE in critically ill patients
This course is truly an exceptional and rare opportunity.
Dr. Andre Denault, world expert in transesophageal echocardiography (TEE), will teach an introduction to TEE in the critically ill patient along with case studies at the end of the session. This unique course will offer an introduction to the basic views, use of the TEE in the unstable patient and hands on experience with a TEE simulator. Dr. Denault will also be preparing a unique 10 patient case study following the session which will allow participants to test their own interpretative skills and review the findings with faculty experts. This is an amazing opportunity for both novice as well as experienced critical care sonographers
Course is 2 hrs.  Limited registration to maximize hands on experience for the participants on simulators.
** Must pre-register**
Difficult Airways
Course is 2 hrs.  Limited registration.
** Must pre-register**

Introduction to Adult Mechanical Ventilation: an interactive session covering basic ventilation theory, standard modes, and basic strategies of ventilation for practioners new to the acute care environment.

Adult Mechanical Ventilation Advanced: an interactive session covering some advanced ventilatory modes and strategies of ventilation for the  acute care practioner.